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Coming Together: Andrà Tutto Bene!

There’s no question the last few weeks have been like no other I’ve ever experienced. Never could I have imagined anything like it really, and I know I’m not alone in feeling this way. I had planned to be back in Italy for wine events celebrating Irpinia up in Milan February 24 & 25. But plans quickly changed as events were cancelled and I instead came back to Gesualdo hoping that after a few weeks we’d be back to normal. Instead, we’re in quarantine all across the country and we are watching the situation repeat itself across the world.

views from home in Gesualdo

My heart is breaking for everyone affected, especially in my adopted country of Italy and back home in the USA. I’m trying to do anything and everything I can think of to help those affected. Buying gift cards to restaurants, buying wine from our producers, and getting others to do the same.

But as is usually the case, there are brilliant moments of selfless acts, caring, and love that cannot be stopped, even during difficult times. We are seeing communities come together, individuals and businesses reaching out to lift each other up, and a general goodness in people shine through. I’m hearing from so many people I’d not talked to in years, and it’s been a lovely treat to say the least.

Not only in my little town of Gesualdo, but around the world we’re seeing neighbors helping each other with selfless acts. My adopted family here has been making sure I’m well fed and that we’re all safe. Some foto evidence below of all the incredible home cooked meals at home. I don’t know how I’ll ever repay them for their love and kindness.

Over the coming days and weeks, my number one priority is helping as many people and businesses as I can. I hope you’ll join me in this effort. Let me know if there’s anything I can do for you or someone else you know to help. While I can’t guarantee I can personally help, I’ll do whatever I can to to brainstorm possible solutions. Send an email to, or send me a message on Instagram @theauthenticirpinia. I’m standing by.


  • Help Irpinia! My ask of this wonderful community is to show our Irpinia winemakers some extra love. If you know anyone that might want to join the wine club, please shoot them a note with our website and ask them to sign up. We’re going to discount all new memberships 20% and we’ll send you a bottle of wine for every referral.

  • I’m also working to put together some Irpinia care packages to send you some local products in the mail when this is all over. Think award winning pastas, olive oils, and local preserves. Hit me up if you want in and we can help more of the amazing people across Irpinia. The cost should be around $50 a box, but we’re happy to load you up with more if you want.

  • What about in the USA? Keep an eye on our Instagram account for more businesses we’re highlighting back in the States. Here’s a quick rundown of folks with ties to Irpinia doing delivery and takeaway or where you can buy gift cards to help keep them afloat. Give these guys a shout:

Kids across Italy are making signs to say, everything is going to be okay. Here's one of my favorite nuggets in Gesualdo, Annarita, telling you to stay positive. How can you argue with her?
Annarita says everything is going to be good!

Here in Italy, the hashtag is #andratuttobene. “Everything is going to be good.” Kids across Italy are making signs to bring joy into our lives. Here's one of my favorite nuggets in Gesualdo, Annarita, telling you to stay positive. How can you argue with her?

We will get through this stronger and more united than ever. I’m sure of it. Thank you for being a part of our community. From all of us here in Irpinia, we’re sending you our love.

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