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the village of gesualdo


Why haven't you heard of Irpinia? You're not alone. Just an hour drive from Naples, Pompeii, and the Amalfi Coast, here you won't find many who speak English, you won't find your favorite hotel chain, and you won't find tourist pricing. What you'll find is an authentic experience unlike any other.  


There's no shortage of incredible small-production winemakers crafting virtually undiscovered bottles from native grapes including Aglianico (red wines), Greco, Fiano, & Coda di Volpe (white wines).


Families run award winning restaurants that showcase the best of the region's culinary history and seasonal offerings.  

This a living history. The way things have been and continue to be in Southern Italy- an Italian experience unlike any other you'll find.



I'm Sarah Pompei. In 1904, my paternal great-grandfather immigrated to America from Gesualdo, a small village in Irpinia, and I came back 100 years later to learn more about our family's history. 


The first time I set foot in Irpinia I got goosebumps. The people, the incredible smells, the villages dotting the hilltops - it was straight from a movie.

Lucky for me, it wasn’t one. The more I experienced, the more there was to love. 

I’ve learned to cook traditional dishes and have been taught the ways of the cantinas and vineyards. I've explored villages to meet the most amazing people who have shared their stories with me.


I even took sommelier classes until they tried to convince me a Fiano has hints of melon and peaches. It does not. 

Now, my days are filled helping people get to know this region and all it has to offer. And I couldn't be happier. 


sarah in cairano, irpinia
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