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Exclusive Tastes of the Italian South

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Italy is fantastic - every single nook and cranny. But Irpinia is a glimpse into the way life used to be here in Southern Italy. Virtually undiscovered and untouched by tourism.


Here you won’t find many people who speak English and you won’t find locales made famous from travel shows. Instead, what you’ll find are the real people who have lived here for generations alongside traditional dishes and the incredible wines that have been made by families for centuries. You’ll be welcomed into homes, cantinas and trattorias, and you won’t want to leave.


You don’t need to search for the joy of Italian life in Irpinia, it finds you.


The Wine Club

The Authentic Irpinia Wine Club is focused on sourcing only the best representations of Irpinia wine from family-run small-production wineries and bringing them to the USA.


These wines are made with total respect and reverence for the grapes and the land they're grown on using minimal intervention techniques passed down by generations of family experience. Even more, I won't send a single wine I don't already have in my cellar. 


Find out why these wines are being picked up by top restaurants and praised by wine enthusiasts around the world. Join the club today, drink incredible wines, gain access to exclusive Irpinia experiences, and support traditional winemaking at its best. 

Make Every Day 


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