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Experience Irpinia: Bonito

Irpinia is so much more than just the incredible wines that are crafted in these stunning surroundings. And the winemakers who are obsessively laboring to produce artisanal wines represent just one art form in the region.

One of the many street art murals in Bonito

Together with the chefs, the musicians, the ceramicists, the painters, the singers, the dancers, and more these winemakers make up the heart and soul of Irpinia. It's a region that celebrates artists from all different walks of life, it's what has fueled the way of life here since Greeks and Romans ruled the area, and it's what makes this undiscovered region so special.

We'll take you on a virtual tour of the people and places that bring Irpinian traditions to life. Enjoy the ride!

Let us tell you more...

  • Artisans abound! While not everyone is creating incredible murals on the sides of buildings, there are artisans everywhere in Irpinia. Whether they're making some of the greatest wines using generations-old traditions, cooking traditional dishes from recipes that have existed for centuries, or creating art of all kinds.

  • How can I experience this? When we're not meeting winemakers and doing the hardship duty of trying incredible wines to send you back in the USA, we're also meeting some of the coolest people who call this region home. Now we know award-winning chefs and pizza makers, to the mama's who have been teaching us traditional local dishes, to those making incredible ceramics and more. Best part? They want to meet you and share their crafts. So come for some wine tasting, and we'll set you up with some incredible experiences to get to know what makes this region so magical.

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