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Irpinia Summer Recap

It's been a year full of surprises here in Irpinia and summer just kept that going at full steam.

  • The good A new puppy, Chicca (pronounced key-kah) fell into our laps when she was discovered on the side of the road by neighbors. She now "works" at one of our favorite spots in Irpinia, Zembalo B&B, greeting guests and giving kisses to anyone who will let her. She especially loves kids and loves fighting water from a hose. Some might even say she's a bit of a workaholic she's so committed to making everyone happy. I can't wait for you to come meet her.

  • The even better Irpinia has seen a record number of new visitors this year and everyone has been raving about wine tasting lunches with the winemakers and their families, cooking classes from the incredible Di Pietro family at Antica Trattoria Di Pietro and just slowing down and taking in all Irpinia has to offer. Oh, and the region's first artisanal wine fair was a huge success with over 60 winemakers from across Italy (and beyond!), and we're already planning the second edition for mid-June next year. Stay tuned for details!

  • The bad & ugly After two months of non-stop rain that led to disaster conditions for vineyards in the area (lots of mildew and mold killing off not just the grapes, but some of the actual vines as well), it just became hot. We had two months of warm temps with no rain in sight. We don't know what the harvest is going to look like exactly, but it's going to be a tough year for winemakers. From an early start to very few grapes, the impact of climate change is on full display here in Irpinia.

  • Send me a note to find out how you can come and experience all Irpinia has to offer for yourself. We'll be waiting with open arms and paws.

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