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Road Trip: Procida!

It's the middle of September and the days are still toasty and warm, so I hit the road & waters, to finally explore the tiny island of Procida, just a 30 minute ferry ride from Naples.

You're probably already familiar with Procida's neighboring islands, Ischia and Capri, but this little undiscovered gem has vaulted to a top spot on the "must see" list for Campania.

All about Procida:

  • Undiscovered Island Procida's larger neighboring islands often overshadow the 1.5 square mile magical oasis centered around the island's fishing village. The picture perfect colorful houses were a beacon to those looking for home out in the surrounding ocean waters throughout the years. Now, the harbor is home to family-run restaurants interspersed with fishing nets and boats for rent. The famous Italian film, "Il Postino" was filmed here and when you get a glimpse of the picturesque buildings, winding and narrow (like jump into a doorway when a car is sharing the street with you narrow), and stunning beach views of the island, you'll know why this is a new favorite spot.

  • The Italian Capital of Culture 2022 This island is already breaking through in the spotlight as it's been named 2022's Capital of Culture for Italy. There are art exhibits and new walking tours, but don't worry, you're not too late to get here before hordes of tourists. Just skip a visit during the height of August's tourist season. Here's the official website:

  • The Beaches The black sand beaches of the island are truly stunning, each with their own unique views and perspective. Chiaia Beach provides perfect views of the colorful fishing harbor and warm morning sun. Spiaggia Pozzovecchio has terrific afternoon sun and visiting boats will be dotting the island's old harbor. Spiaggia di Ciraccio and Spiaggia della Chiaolella have terrific views of neighboring island Ischia. Stop by a local "forno" and grab a panini or something else delicious to eat while you're enjoying the views. There are "lidos" where you can pay for chaise lounges and umbrellas and refreshments as well as "spiaggia libera" where you can plop down with your towel.

  • See it all in a day...or stay longer You can make this a terrific day trip with time for a delicious lunch and dips in the waters of the various beaches or stay for a few days to take the time to really take in all the sights. Ferries between Naples and Procida (35 minute trip) run regularly throughout the day and there are ferries also to and from Ischia (about a 15 minute boat ride).

  • Anything else I should know? Friend of The Authentic Irpinia, Katie Parla, has more on Procida, and where to eat, on her blog too, read here. And you can always send me a note for any questions.

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