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Update from the Road: Alsace, France

I’m just back from another quick trip to Alsace and I have to say, it’s become one of my favorite spots to visit. And not just because it’s host to my favorite wine fair, Salon des Vins Libres. Snaking along the borders of France and Germany it’s an adorable mix of both worlds. There are incredibly well preserved villages that will have you feeling like you’ve stepped back in time with wood-framed architecture, peaked roofs, and gorgeous greens and flowers everywhere.

All this beauty is of course accompanied by delicious spots to eat and drink well.

Tell me more:

  • What are the wines of Alsace? Riesling is one of the main grapes from this region and you’ll find some stunning dry versions from winemakers across Alsace. Don’t think sweet, think amazingly age-worthy dry wines that are perfect pairs with anything from fried chicken to your favorite seafood. Pinot Noir is the region’s red wine grape, but don’t think you already know what you’ll be tasting. It’s totally unique from American varietals.

  • Where should we visit? Strasbourg is the largest city in the region sporting gorgeous views, tons of great bridges and rivers, incredibly well preserved buildings that date back to the 1500s, delicious restaurants and terrific wine shops. My favorite wine fair in the world is held in Mittelbergheim (Salon des Vins Libres), and I cannot recommend this cute village enough. It’s also conveniently located walking distance to Barr, where some of my favorite patisserie and boulangerie are happily producing the most amazing tarts, treats, croissant, and breads.

  • Eats & Drinks Strasbourg: De:ja for a modern take on French cuisine and Le Bistrot d’Antonio for your more classic take on Alsacian offers. Au Wegele for pastry and pretzels (bretzel). Mittelbergheim & Barr: Boulangerie Patisserie Porée Vincent & Patisserie Receveur & Am Lindeplatzel for eats.

  • Wineries I love Domaine Ostertag, Kleinknecht André, Vins d’Alsace Rietsch, Florian & Mathilde Beck-Hartweg, & of course Sons of Wine.

  • Pro-tip: If you don’t have the Raisin app, I highly recommend it for consistently good food and wine recs around the world.

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