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Beyond the Grapes: Some Good News

The last year and a half has been challenging to say the least, but I've got some great news for you. Here in Irpinia, the 2020 vintage is looking to be a standout year for wine. This last week, I got a taste of some of the beginnings of the wines that will be released in the next 1-5 years, and I'm fired up for what's in store.

Here's why 2020 going to be such a great vintage:

  • Everything just went right When the world came to a stop last year, nature went into overdrive. As Rita from Il Cancelliere put it, "It rained when it was supposed to rain. It was hot when it was supposed to be hot. It cooled off when it was supposed to cool. And we didn't have frost. It was sunny and bright for the harvest. It was a perfect year in the vineyard and you can taste it in the grapes."

  • Perfect grapes make perfect wines The vineyard is where it all starts; if winemakers aren't paying an insane amount of detail to every stage of the growing process, if they are using chemicals in the vineyard or the cantina, if they're not only selecting the very best bunches during the harvest, wines aren't going to be outstanding. So when man and nature come together to do the work the right way, it's only logical the wines are going to be bonkers.

  • How long am I going to have to wait for these wines? So some winemakers will have reds that will be ready early to mid next year, but I hate to be the bearer of bad news, those are the exception, not the rule. Most 2020 reds won't be available until 2023 or later. Same for the white wines, while some have already hit the market, it'll be about another year for some of our favorites to sneak out of cantinas across Irpinia.

  • I can't wait that long - what would you recommend now? We've got some great wines in DC that you don't have to wait for. Try the DeSantis Taurasi, the Volpe Rossa from La Cantina Di Enza, Il Cancelliere's 2017 Gioviano, Cantina Giardino's Sparkling Bianco and so many more. Send me a note and let's find the perfect wine for you!

  • What are some other great Irpinia vintages? 2014 was a terrible year for winemakers: it rained at the wrong time, the temps were off, and a lot of winemakers didn't make their favorite wines. That said, because of all the attention and love they needed to put into the wines, if wines were made, they're some of my favorites. Winemakers across Irpinia have said 2017 is a great year for the region's red wines, 2018 is a standout year for Irpinia white wines, and 2019 is going to be amazing too.

Want to know more?

Send me a message and let's chat about wine! Ready to order? Call our partners at Schneider's of Capitol Hill (202-543-9300).

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