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Italy is Open!

It's happened. Italy is open to tourists and locals alike and it feels like a dream. Now, all that's missing are the visitors. Below is a very abbreviated version of what you'll need in addition to a negative test to come visit.

Still not ready to travel? Don't worry - bring Irpinia to your door with wine club. Read on if you're itching to see Italy!

What you should know

  • Restaurants are open Indoor and outdoor dining is open for the summer! All restrictions are being lifted on June 21 and you'll be free to eat when and where you want across the country. Reservations are a good idea this year as there are some capacity requirements locals need to adhere to.

  • Winery visits Winemakers have the doors thrown open and they can't wait to show you around their vineyards and walk you through the cellars. What better way to escape the summer heat?

  • Museums and tours Grab your mask and see some of the country's most famous sites without the normal summer crowds. Be sure to check the websites as some locations are operating under limited capacity.

  • Getting here Most US airlines are still offering flights with minimal or no change fees for travel in 2021. Be sure to check with your airline of choice before booking.

  • Here's more from the US State Department Be sure to take a look at what the US State Department has to say. Things have a habit of changing on somewhat short notice. All the latest here.

Want to know more?

Send me a message and I'd love to chat with you about how to spend your time in Irpinia and beyond!

Our partners at Schneider's of Capitol Hill (202-543-9300) are standing by to help you with all your wine needs. Just give them a call and let them know you want Irpinia wines!

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