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Where to Eat & Drink in Irpinia: Vineria La Posta, Roberto "Buglione" De Filippis

Where can you drink some of the best wines you’ve never heard of while munching on some of the region’s most delicious dishes? That’s simple, the place I’ve come to consider my clubhouse, La Posta. 

Opened in 2019 by Roberto Buglione, as he’s known far and wide, I know when I stop by, I’ll find winemakers, chefs, and everyone looking for a terrific spot to spend an evening with great wine and perfect food pairings. Oh, and the gin and tonics are pretty fantastic too. There’s nothing else like it in the area.

Tell me more:

  • What makes La Posta so special? First and foremost, the man behind it all, Roberto. He goes to great lengths to curate the best wines and bites to accompany what he’s pouring. Off the top of his head, he can recite to you the details of every bottle in the restaurant, and then tell you what you should be eating to go with your wine selection. His nephew Mario is also batting 1000% in recommending bottles based on what I’m in the mood to drink.

  • Why La Posta? This “vineria” is actually nestled in the 17th century walls of what was literally a post office (aka la posta in Italian) and a place for travelers to sleep, eat, and rest their horses while traveling back in the day. So, the place (you guessed it, la posta in Italian). It’s a pretty perfect play on words.

  • Is there anything in particular I should drink? All your favorite producers from Wine Club are available at La Posta, and not just because Roberto introduced me to most of the winemakers. (Including Pupo from Tenuta Vincenzo Nardone, my now husband.) Let them know what you generally like to drink, if you’re looking for something to try from a particular region, and let them know if you’re up for being surprised in trying something new. You won’t be disappointed.

  • What’s your favorite thing to eat? That’s easy. The Irpinia Pastrami Sandwich. It’s layers of pastrami with creamy burrata and mustard. Not Kosher, but absolutely delicious.

  • Another point I’d love to make. Roberto isn’t just the cool owner of my favorite spot for a night out in Irpinia. He’s actively bringing people together in this region, supporting young people to pursue their passions whether it’s winemaking, chefing (yes I just made that word up), farming, beekeeping, or any other artisanal pursuit you can imagine, and is just an all around great person. His passion for Irpinia is infectious and I’m happy I get to call him a friend.

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