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The Authentic Irpinia Wine Club Vol. 1 Tasting Notes

The Authentic Irpinia Wine Club: brought to you by Schneider's of Capitol Hill

We know you’ve been eagerly awaiting this first shipment of wines, and we can’t wait for you to try the Rosato, Irpinia Aglianico, and Taurasi selections from two amazing wineries in Irpinia: Azienda Agricola Fiorentino and La Cantina Di Enza. Remember to let these wines sit for at least a week after arriving at your door before trying them. We know it won’t be easy, but it will be worth the wait!

As you know, our focus has been seeking out hyper-local winemakers from Irpinia beloved by locals who know quality wines and these two wineries fit the bill perfectly. You’ll taste and smell the distinct flavors in these wines that are a result of the two differing terroirs and microclimates that are a mere 15 minute drive from each other. In addition, the generations of traditions from the families of these two winemakers will be on full display in their diverse approaches to handcrafting these wines.

The Rosato, Irpinia Aglianico, and Taurasi are all produced from the same grape, Aglianico, with different aging times and techniques that result in these incredible wines. Remember - you’ll want to let these bottles rest for at least a week after they arrive at your door before you open them and enjoy.

We also recommend allowing at least an hour for your Taurasi to open prior to drinking. If you can’t wait that long (and we don’t blame you!) you can drink upon opening and experience the journey of how the bottle opens over time. The flavor profile will only get better the longer the bottle is open.

We’d love if you’d help spread the word and invite others to join wine club here.

And be sure to let us know what you think!

Tasting Notes

Azienda Agricola Fiorentino, Paternopoli

Taurasi DOCG

This wine is a deep red with a pale rim, made exclusively from Aglianico grapes in Irpinia. You’ll note hints of super-ripe red cherry and sweet herb aromas complicated by notes of tar, boysenberry liqueur and herbs. Smooth and dense but juicy, developing an increasingly tactile backbone to the super-ripe, liqueur-like red cherry and dark fruit flavors. This will finish long and peppery in the mouth. The wine is made from vines that are 15-20 years old and it has been age about one-and-a half years in large 25-Hl oak barrels. Total aging time is 4 years before coming to market.

Celsì Irpinia Aglianico DOC

This Irpinia Aglianico wine is bright medium ruby-red. You’ll likely pick up notes of bright red fruit and sweet spice aromas that have lots of lift. In the mouth, you’ll note red cherry, tobacco and herb flavors that create a smooth, harmonious mouthfeel. This easy drinking wine is made from vines that are 15-20 years old, and it was aged about 12 months in 225- lt oak barrels and then in large 25-Hl oak barrel.

Flavia Rosato DOC

This wine derives its deep color from the skins of the Irpinia Aglianico grapes and will show notes of intense apple, almond paste and mandarin. The mouth is very smooth, sightly tannic with a surprising intensity and elegance. This Rosato was made from vines that are 15-20 years old and aged about 6 months, in steel and finished in 225 lt oak barrels.

La Cantina di Enza, Montemarano

Padre, Taurasi DOCG:

Naturally made 100% from Aglianico grapes, hand harvested from 70 year old vines. The grapes were fermented without temperature control, then spent 12 months in large chestnut barrels, followed by 12 months in smaller wood barrels. The wine was finished by spending 12 months in bottle before coming to market. Only 1300 bottles of this wine were made. You’ll notice hints of pepper, cherry and red fruits. This is a big tannic wine, but at the same time soft and smooth in the mouth.

Passione, Irpinia Aglianico DOC:

This wine is made from 100% Aglianico grapes and was harvested by hand from 20 year old vines. The fermentation process was 15-20 days in steel without temperature control. They then rested 12 months in large chestnut barrels before resting in bottle 12 months. Only 1400 bottles of this wine were made. This wine evokes notes of red fruits and cherries. It has a huge flavor and structure, with a body that is very fruit forward.

Natarosa, Rosato Aglianico, IGP:

This rosato was made from 100% Aglianico grapes harvested by hand. The grapes rested with the skins for a maximum of 24 hours before spending 12 months in steel tanks and then another 6 months in bottle. You’ll notice a bit of “frizzante” in this bottle that took place during this 6 month period. With hints of strawberry and red fruits, this wine has a big, fresh, fruity taste that all leads to an elegant finish.

More on the wineries:

Azienda Agricola Fiorentino (Paternopoli) - Located in the small village of Paternopoli, this family-owned winery is a tie between past and present. The vineyard was purchased by the Fiorentino family with money made possible by their grandfather, Luigi, moving to Chelsea, Massachusetts in the early 1900s for work. In tribute, they dedicated their Aglianico Irpino wine to him calling it “Celsì.” Gianni and his family focused on creating an environmentally friendly winery to pay tribute back to the land they love so much, while preserving the traditions of winemaking passed down in their family for generations. The unique architecture, amazing views, and warm family welcome offered at the winery are topped only by the taste of their three wines produced from Aglianico grapes: Taurasi, Celsì, and Flavia Rosatto as well as their Coda di Volpe.

La Cantina di Enza (Montemarano) - A fourth generation winemaker, Enza opened her cantina just two years ago after deciding her family's grapes deserved their own label, having previously sold their grapes to a local collective. In a short time, Enza is already producing fantastic wines from the grapes grown on her family's land and does it all without an enologist. These natural wines are known for their great taste and the exceptional care that goes into production. In fact, Enza is known to hand-press her grapes before and during fermentation. You won't want to miss tasting these wines produced from Aglianico grapes that until now have only been available locally in Irpinia.


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