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The Authentic Irpinia Wine Club Vol. 4 Tasting Notes

The Authentic Irpinia Wine Club: brought to you with Schneider's of Capitol Hill

Vol. 4


If you haven’t noticed just from the bottles, this round of wine club is going to be a little different… It’s time for a blind tasting of the wines you’ve loved!! Put your knowledge of these Irpinian wines to the test and see if you can identify the wines you've loved with help from the the tasting notes below.

Here’s how it works: Carefully take the wine out of the packaging leaving the bottle wrapping intact. Check for the mark on the packaging indicating the wine should be chilled (also a great clue). Open the bottle of your choice, being careful to avoid the winery name on the cork so nothing is given away!

Pour the wines into a glass, taste, and decide which wine you think you’re drinking based on your wine knowledge and the tasting notes below. Hope you enjoy!!

This shipment includes wines from all your favorites here in Irpinia. Check out the website for more on these winemakers. Remember to let these wines sit for at least a week after arriving at your door before trying them. We know it won’t be easy, but it will be worth the wait!


Ever since Italy opened back up, we’ve been on the move trying new incredible wines and meeting with winemakers from around Irpinia. You’re going to love what’s on deck for the next shipment, and more than ever we’re thrilled you’ve joined the club to support these family-run wineries.


We’d love your help getting the word out… share your love of these wines, and tag us @theauthenticirpinia, in your photos on Instagram and Facebook!

Have friends that want to join or try a few bottles? The Wine Store will direct you to where to buy through our partners at Schneider’s of Capitol Hill.


Want to host a virtual tasting event with winemakers from Irpinia? We’ve got you covered. Send an email to so we can set up an exclusive tasting for you!

Now, get ready to try some incredible wines in real life. And help spread the word! Invite your friends and family to join the wine club! (Be sure to send a note to if someone you know joins so we can show you some love for the referral!)

Tasting Notes


This wine is made from grapes harvested by hand from 20 year old vines. The fermentation process was 15-20 days in steel without temperature control. They then rested 12 months in large chestnut barrels before resting in bottle 12 months. Only 1400 bottles of this wine were made. This wine evokes notes of red fruits and cherries. It has a huge flavor and structure, with a body that is very fruit forward.


This wine is a deep red with a pale rim. You’ll note hints of super-ripe red cherry and sweet herb aromas complicated by notes of tar, boysenberry liqueur and herbs. Smooth and dense but juicy, developing an increasingly tactile backbone to the super-ripe, liqueur-like red cherry and dark fruit flavors. This will finish long and peppery in the mouth. The wine is made from vines that are 15-20 years old and it has been age about one-and-a half years in large 25-Hl oak barrels. Total aging time is 4 years before coming to market.


In the glass, this wine has almost a green hue to the underlying straw color thanks to the highly sulphurous soil where the grapes were grown. High in acidity, minerality and sapidity, this wine is perfect with oysters, your favorite fish, or pasta with truffles. Drink this wine chilled and it can easily be aged an additional 5 years in your cellar to great results.


This wine has been naturally made from grapes that grew at about 600 meters, hand pressed, aged without temperature control, and aged 36 months before aging again in bottle. You’ll instantly note the deep ruby color, and smell not only the minerality of the soil, but also the terrain of the forest that surrounds these vines. This is a very tannic wine, but you’ll note the smoothness the winemaker has brought out in this wine as well as hints of plum, red berries, and blackberry.


This wine is produced from ancient Aglianico vines and represents the maximum expression of Italian viticulture. This wine has a warm and inviting perfume with notes of sweet spices and an intense ruby red color. The wine was grown in Fontanarosa at an altitude between 400-480 meters on a south-east exposition.


This Irpinia Aglianico wine is bright medium ruby-red. You’ll likely pick up notes of bright red fruit and sweet spice aromas that have lots of lift. In the mouth, you’ll note red cherry, tobacco and herb flavors that create a smooth, harmonious mouthfeel. This easy drinking wine is made from vines that are 15-20 years old, and it was aged about 12 months in 225- lt oak barrels and then in large 25-Hl oak barrel.


Naturally made 100% from Aglianico grapes, hand harvested from 70 year old vines. The grapes were fermented without temperature control, then spent 12 months in large chestnut barrels, followed by 12 months in smaller wood barrels. The wine was finished by spending 12 months in bottle before coming to market. Only 1300 bottles of this wine were made. You’ll notice hints of pepper, cherry and red fruits. This is a big tannic wine, but at the same time soft and smooth in the mouth.


Grown on 35 year old vines with a north facing exposition at about 550 m in a clay limestone soil, these Aglianico grapes are some of the best of the vineyard. The maceration period is 30 days at room temperature, before the grapes are pressed and aged in steel for 6 months on the lees, then 24 months in Slavonian wood barrels and then aged at least 24 months in bottle. (All regulated and controlled by the Italian government) There is no filtration, no clarification and like all their wines, nothing is added or taken away in the winemaking process. You’ll notice the ruby red color and notes of cherry and red fruits instantly. Big tannins, perfectly balanced with the acidity and an almost smoky finish.


With notes of plum, this is a big red wine from Aglianico grapes. It’s extremely elegant, structured, big and tannic. This wine can stand the test of time for aging many years before opening. This Taurasi was cultivated in Fontanarosa at an altitude between 450-500 meters in a clay soil of volcanic terrain.


You’ll instantly notice the golden yellow color of this wine. The taste and smells jump out of the glass and you’ll instantly notice the freshness of this white wine. Structured and balanced, you’ll note hints of apples, hazelnuts, and an almost smoky finish. Pair this with your favorite seafood pasta and the wine should be served chilled.


This wine grew on vines just steps from the front door of the family homes at the winery. You’ll instantly note the hay color of the wine, and how this wine nearly has the structure and body of what would normally be associated with a red wine. You’ll get hints of honey, apple, and mushroom (from the forests nearby). The grapes were naturally fermented in wooden barrels and without any particular technological intervention then bottled without filtration and aged for 2 more months in bottle before being sold.


The name of the wine is derived from the characteristics of how the grapes grow on the vine. You’ll note pleasant hints of yellow flowers on the nose and in your glass see a yellow color with reflections of light green. The terrain of Irpinia provides the best conditions to grow this grape: on a hill at middle altitude. This wine was grown in Fontanarosa, with a south-west exposition at 400 meters in a sandy soil with volcanic terrain.

Wine M

These grapes were harvested by hand after which the grape juice rested in contact with the skins for a maximum of 24 hours before spending 12 months in steel tanks and then another 6 months in bottle without temperature control or filtration. You’ll notice a bit of “frizzante” in this bottle that took place during a 6 month resting period. With hints of strawberry and red fruits, this wine has a big, fresh, fruity taste that all leads to an elegant finish.

Wine N

These Aglianico grapes were grown in a clay/limestone soil with a north facing exposure at between 450-550 m. This is a young wine and it spent 15 days in maceration before aging for just over 10 months on the lees in steel, before aging another 6 months in the bottle. Again, there was no temperature control, no clarification, and no filtration. Right off, you’ll notice the nearly violet color of the wine and the crisp smells of broccoli, red forest fruits, and some cherry. There will be tannins for days in this high acidity wine.

Wine O

This wine is high in minerality and structure with a near perfect balance of acidity and alcohol. You’ll get notes of almonds, white peaches, and the signature minerality of this wine. The vines for this wine grow in soil directly over the abandoned sulphur mines of Tufo. This wine pairs excellently with seafood of all types and should be served chilled. Again, you can age this wine for 3-5 years with no issues. We’ve had a Miniere aged 15 years and it was superb.

Wine P

You’ll notice the beautiful golden hay color, and hints of dried fruit in the wine without it losing the structured minerality and acidity that keeps it from becoming sweet. Serve this wine chilled with your favorite seafood.


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