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Tasting Notes: GOLA x The Authentic Irpinia

I could not be more excited to be collaborating with the brilliant and talented Italy experts from GOLA, Katie Parla & Dr. Danielle Callegari, to bring even more of Irpinia to your door. Together, we've hand-selected 6 wines where the winemakers are working in the traditions of the region's winemaking past where nothing has been added or taken away. Katie and Danielle did a tasting and recorded their thoughts, explain the history of the region and the grapes, and give you some protips you don't want to miss in this podcast! Spoiler alert: they loved the wines maybe even more than I do!

What you should know:

  • How do I get these wines? You can click here to order online or call our partners at Schneider's of Capitol Hill. 202-543-9300. I'm standing by to answer any questions as well.

  • GOLA x The Authentic Irpinia Podcast Click here and listen while you sip!

  • Experience Irpinia! Meet the winemakers, taste the delicious dishes, and experience Irpinia. Can't get to Italy yet, let's do a virtual tasting or cooking class with the pros! Send me a note to learn more.

Our partners at Schneider's of Capitol Hill (202-543-9300) are here for all your wine needs. Just give them a call and let them know you want Irpinia wines!

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