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The Authentic Irpinia Wine Club Vol. 11 Tasting Notes

The Authentic Irpinia Wine Club brought to you with Schneider's of Capitol Hill

The Supply Chain

Well, the supply chain has hit our imports! We are looking to have all our wines for the rest of the year brought over shortly, so hang with us and 3 shipments of incredible wines will be coming this fall and winter.

Irpinia Wine Tastings!

Stay tuned for more info, but we’re bringing Irpinia to the USA this fall. West Coast swing in mid/late September and stops in LA & NY this November!


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Here’s a little more on the wines and wineries you’re meeting in this shipment.

Quasi Ottobre: Irpinia Aglianico, Melito Irpino

Pasquale, brother and son from a favorite Irpinia restaurant, Antica Trattoria Di Pietro, has finally perfected his Irpinia Aglianico made from his family vineyard planted by his grandfather. This wine is like a sunrise, full of raspberries, structured, but not too much. More like the shy little brother of other Irpinia Aglianico wines you’ve tried. Pasquale says the wine is like him. Enjoy room temperature with your favorite grilled meats or portabellos.

Fratelli Addimanda: Bianco Aciniel aka Grecomusc’, Taurasi:

These two brothers, Franco and Gianluigi, are continuing their family tradition of winemaking in vineyards range in age up to 100 years old with vines I can’t even touch overhead if I stand on my tippy toes.

Pronounced: Greco-Moo-shhh this dry structured white wine will have hints of honey just jump right out. These notes are perfectly balanced by the wine’s acidity, making this great porch drinking wine all on its own, or paired with just about any cheese. If you have the willpower to leave this wine in your glass for about an hour, you’re going to get a ton of oregano. Not a joke. Serve chilled and the winemaker wants to remind you this wine needs oxygen to reach its full potential.

Azienda Agricola Silvio Trama: Canto del Cigno, Cilento

I got to know this small Cilento winery, about a 2 hour drive southeast from Irpinia, run by a father daughter team though my friends at Il Cancelliere. Like Irpinia, Cilento has a volcanic, mineral soil, but since they’re on the ocean, you’re going to notice a much higher degree of sapidity in the wines. This is their last vintage, so let’s raise another glass to their dedication to crafting quality wines!

There are notes of honey and apricots that blends in perfect harmony with the saltiness of the soils where the grapes were grown. This wine is light and easy to drink and can be enjoyed chilled on its own, or with your favorite seafood or a fresh cheese like a mozzarella.

Cantina dell’Angelo: Coda di Volpe, Tufo

This wine from a favorite Irpinia winemaker, Angelo Muto, comes from Coda di Volpe grapes planted by his grandfather before WWII. On the nose you smell the sun shining down on green hills of the late spring/early summer. You feel happy. There’s a hint of sour green apple and then it opens and you want more. A lot more. If you can wait an hour to drink this wine, even 30 minutes, after opening, your future self will thank your past self. Instead of just a spring day you have a Monet. Chill and pair this with fried anchovies. It won’t disappoint.

Cantine Ruggiero: Na’Stizza Aglianico, Melito Irpino

Na’Stizza is dialect for “just a little” and you’re going to want more than a little more after your first sip. The first thing you’re going to notice about this deep purple Aglianico is the elegance of the wine. It’s like a ballroom dancer floating across the floor. This wine is perfectly balanced and the cherry notes are just a little more pronounced. The big tannins and acidity make it the perfect wine to pair with stuffed fried zucchini flowers, meatballs, or your favorite steak.

Stefania Barbot: “Xorós” Fiano di Avellino, Paternopoli

This Fiano is chalk full of citrus fruits and is like an icy breeze cutting through the warm air with the first sniff into the glass. When you taste it, you’ll notice the big acidity and huge longevity that will have you going back for a second sip as soon as you lift the glass again. Drink chilled.


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