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The Authentic Irpinia Wine Club Vol. 9 Tasting Notes

The Authentic Irpinia Wine Club brought to you with Schneider's of Capitol Hill

Spotlight: This is Irpinia

A son realizing the family’s dreams, two 20 something brothers, a father and son, a husband and wife, and a multi-generational family winemaker are all featured in this month's shipment. The best part about these winemakers, they’re not unusual for Irpinia where the vast majority of those making wines are continuing family traditions.

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Here’s a little more on the wines and wineries you’re meeting in this shipment.

Cantina dell’Angelo: Coda di Volpe, Tufo

The newest wine from wine club favorite, Angelo Muto, comes from Coda di Volpe grapes planted by his grandfather before WWII. On the nose you smell the sun shining down on green hills of the late spring/early summer. You feel happy. There’s a hint of sour green apple and then it opens and you want more. A lot more. If you can wait an hour to drink this wine, even 30 minutes, after opening, your future self will thank your past self. Instead of just a spring day you have a Monet. Pair this with fried anchovies. It won’t disappoint.

Il Sole e Il Lupo: Fiano di Avellino, Lapio

Two brothers aged 24 & 27 started this winery to continue their families traditions in winemaking. This wine is April 25: It’s a spring day not too cold, not too hot. All you need is a light jacket. There’s a hint of honey you get when you first smell the wine perfectly balanced by the wine’s acidity. Drink this with young fresh cheeses, quality capicola, or fresh seafood. The minerality of this wine will really come out 30 minutes after opening and is nearly lime green in color. Only 2500 were made and you’re the first in America to try!

Scatédda: Fiano di Avellino DOP, Bisaccia

A father/son duo is crafting incredible Fiano from a town in Irpinia where not many thought quality wines could be produced. The naysayers couldn’t have been more wrong. On the nose it’s a warm hug of floral honey combined with a beautiful minerality. This wine is balanced and the acidity will cut through the heaviness of salamis and cheeses. I love this with a bruschetta that has a good dose of oregano sprinkled over spicy olive oil and fresh tomatoes. Pro tip: with spicy food this wine will become much sweeter on your palate.

Stefania Barbot: "Ion" Campi Taurasini, Paternopoli

You’ve had her Taurasi, now it’s time to try the other incredible wines he makes with her husband. This wine is perfectly wonderfully drinkable, yet structured with great layers of cherry, red forest fruits, and will pair incredibly with tomato sauce pasta and polpette. Salty and/or spicy foods are a great pairing with this nearly violet colored wine. I’ll guarantee you won’t leave this bottle half full.

Stefania Barbot: “Xorós” Fiano di Avellino, Paternopoli

This Fiano is chalk full of citrus fruits and is like an icy breeze cutting through the warm air with the first sniff into the glass. When you taste it, you’ll notice the big acidity and huge longevity that will have you going back for a second sip as soon as you lift the glass again. Pair this with a sheep’s milk cheese as a snack or with your favorite fish dish for an amazing meal.

Quasi Ottobre: Irpinia Aglianico, Melito Irpino

Pasquale, brother and son from a favorite Irpinia restaurant and our cooking class partners at Antica Trattoria Di Pietro, has finally perfected his Irpinia Aglianico blend made from his family vineyard planted by his grandfather and new grapes from younger vines planted nearby. This wine is like a sunrise, full of raspberries, structured, but not too much. More like the shy little brother of other Irpinia Aglianico wines you’ve tried. Pasquale says the wine is like him. There’s no filtration or clarification and everything was done by hand in making the wine. Pasquale told me the label represents the balance of the stars in October, and he’s not kidding when he talks about the balance. Be sure to check out the back label to see the record he played during fermentation - each year is a new jam. Pair this with your favorite charcuterie or red sauce pasta.


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